We are a London-based streetwear brand that offers uncompromising luxury clothing and accessories. 

Our collections are meticulously crafted with a commitment to perfection. Each garment and accessory is thoughtfully designed, using carefully sourced fabrics and achieving a perfect balance of style and comfort. We prioritise the finest details in our products.

Our goal is to maintain the highest quality in every design we create. Every item you see online has undergone numerous samples, renders, and mock-ups to achieve what we believe is perfection.

We’re a small, close-knit team of streetwear enthusiasts who all share the same vision - zero compromises and luxury clothing and shopping experiences.

Given our dedication to luxury, we developed an in-house customer care and order-packing team. This ensures that your experience with us meets the highest standards. We believe that luxury should extend beyond the product itself; the entire journey with us should feel premium.

Through our no-compromise approach and covetable quality, Destructive stands to inject a newfound sense of luxury into the realm of streetwear.


At the heart of everything, we strive to provide unrivalled quality that extends beyond the design and luxury of our products and collections. Our aim is to craft timeless staples that you perceive as investment pieces, built to stand the test of time.

The drive to continue refining and improving our collections, products and services, without making compromises, won’t ever stop.


At 19 years old I was absolutely obsessed with streetwear, but like most teenagers, I had a limited budget. The prices of some of my favourite brands were well out of my reach, and although the quality was decent, it just didn’t justify the price points.

Eager to have my wardrobe full of staple pieces that I felt were well worth the price, I set out to see what I could create for myself. Obsessed about the details and refusing to compromise on quality, I quickly realised the journey to create a streetwear wardrobe for myself wouldn’t be easy. 

After 12 months of research, meeting suppliers and sampling, I finally received the first no-compromise oversized hoodie. The best part was that it far exceeded the quality of some of my favourite brands at the time.

For the next few months, friends continued asking where the hoodie was from and how they could get one, so I ordered more. This quickly escalated when friends of friends started asking if I offered the same oversized fit in different colours or if I’d designed anything else. They were just as impressed as I was with the quality and price.

That’s when I knew I’d created something which filled a gap not just for myself, but for many others like me. It was off the back of this demand that in December of 2016, I decided to launch Destructive.

- Ben Franklin


The future of Destructive will always strive for improvement and perfection across all areas of the brand, products and services. It’s built into the DNA of Destructive and is a core value of everyone that works here. However, we now add to our focus three really important objectives - community, sustainability and lifestyle.

Our journey would not have been possible without the incredible support and loyalty of our community. But we want to build stronger connections with you, whether it's meeting you at our upcoming pop-up events or seeking your valuable feedback on our new product developments. We genuinely look forward to engaging with you and greatly appreciate your input.

Sustainability holds paramount importance for us, now more than ever. While we have already made conscious efforts to create investment pieces that stand the test of time, consciously avoiding the pitfalls of fast fashion, adopting paperless order systems, and transitioning our production to Europe to reduce transport emissions, we acknowledge that there is still room for improvement. In the near future, our immediate focus will be on utilising only fully recyclable materials for our packaging and transitioning all leather detailing to vegan alternatives.

We are working tirelessly to build on our existing efforts of turning Destructive into a lifestyle. For 6 years we’ve been perfecting the core products in every wardrobe. We aren’t stopping there though, looking to cover all occasions and every moment through personality pieces.

We want Destructive to be the only place you need to build your wardrobe.