Destructive is an online streetwear brand based in London, England, offering no compromise, luxury clothing at prices that make sense. We offer a range of essentials and statement pieces including; outerwear, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, denim and a variety of accessories.

Striving for perfection in our collections, all garments and accessories are meticulously considered. Products always consist of carefully sourced fabrics, fits that strike a perfect balance between style and comfort, and the utmost attention to the finer details.

Through our no compromise approach and covetable quality, Destructive stands to inject a newfound sense of luxury into the realm of streetwear.


At the heart of everything, we set out to offer uncompromised quality at prices that make sense,  and that goes beyond the design and luxury of our products and collections. Our job isn’t done until you are truly happy with your purchase, you’re wearing it regularly and looking to build your wardrobe with Destructive in mind.

We strive to consistently over-deliver, keep you informed, maintain full transparency with our process, and are always on hand to help if you need us.

Our mission isn’t, and never was, to accumulate as many customers as possible. Our mission is to have as many happy and satisfied customers, who fall in love with the excellence and care that goes into our products. We want to become your go-to brand for luxury streetwear at price points you can make sense of.

With over 65,000 customers across 105 countries, and many of the Destructive community shopping with us time and time again, we’re definitely on the right track. But the drive to continue refining and improving our collections, products and services without making compromises, all whilst maintaining price points, won’t ever stop.


Destructive is powered by an incredibly talented, close knit team of streetwear-enthusiasts. 

Every member of Destructive, from the founder through to our photographer, marketing manager, designers and customer care members, all share the same vision - zero compromise, luxury clothing and shopping experiences.

We endeavour to keep the quality of our products at the centre of every single design. Before everything you see online, are countless samples, renders, mock-ups and creative concepts from our designers. Stage after stage, tried and tested until we can produce something that we are truly proud of and with you in mind.

Because we centre ourselves around luxury, it made sense to develop an inhouse customer care and order packing team. They are there to help you from the moment you discover Destructive and to ensure that the presentation of your order is on par with the product. The sense of luxury shouldn’t start and finish with the product, the entire journey with us has to feel premium. 

That’s Destructive.


At 19 years old I was absolutely obsessed with streetwear, but like most teenagers I had a limited budget. The prices of some of my favourite brands were well out of my reach, and I couldn’t understand why ‘premium’ had to also be expensive. 

Eager to keep my wardrobe affordable and up to date, I set out to see what I could create for myself. Obsessed about the details and refusing to compromise on quality, I quickly realised the journey to create affordable streetwear for myself wasn’t going to be easy. 

After 12 months of research, meeting suppliers and sampling, I finally received the first no-compromise oversized hoodie. The best part? It far exceeded the quality of some of my favourite brands at the time.

For the next few months, friends continued asking where the hoodie was from and how they could get one, so I ordered more. This quickly escalated when friends of friends started asking if I offered the same oversized fit in different colours or if I’d designed anything else. They were just as impressed as I was with the quality and price.

That’s when I knew I’d created something which filled a gap not just for myself, but for many others like me. It was off the back of this demand that in December of 2016, I decided to launch Destructive.

- Ben Franklin


The future of Destructive will always strive for improvement and perfection across all areas of the brand, products and services. It’s built into the DNA of Destructive and is a core value of everyone that works here. However, we now add to our focus three really important objectives. Community, sustainability and lifestyle.

Destructive would not be here without the amazing support and loyalty of our community. Whilst we already give back to the community through giveaways and promoting your Instagram posts to our 200,000+ followers, we plan to give back a lot more. We also want to get more involved with you, whether it’s meeting you at one of our future pop up events or getting your feedback on new products we’re working on, we’re keen to meet you and value your opinion. 

Sustainability is an area incredibly important to us, now more than ever. Although we already make a conscious effort to produce investment pieces that are built to last, avoiding the trap of fast fashion, we recognise there are still areas we can improve on. In the near future we will be turning our immediate focus to sending paperless orders, using only recyclable materials for our packaging and switching all leather detailing to vegan leather.

Last but not least we are working tirelessly to build on our existing efforts of turning Destructive into a lifestyle. For 5 years we have been perfecting the core products in every wardrobe. We aren’t stopping there though, we are continuing to expand on our design team so that we can offer an entire range of products, covering all occasions and every moment. We want Destructive to be the only place you need to build your wardrobe.